when your cat f-cking decides to get on the keyboard
“hey man that oqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm,.1234567890-=\;’/`”

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  • vanishing fart syndrome

    the need to fart only when socially inconvenient and vice versa in public (e.g. airport lounge): i need to fart loudly goes to toilet: unable to fart, dammit vanishing fart syndrome (acute vfs) back in public: oh no! oh f-ck it, might as well just fart to the tune of game of thrones

  • english chestnut

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  • dogliosia

    it’s a rare disease, commonly found in dogs. commonly treated with hot cheetos, snake venom and cancer. symptoms are; bl–dy nose, pointy head, mountain climbing, eating stale bread, and farting. the cause is eating too much black licorice. pr-nounced (dog – li – o – sis) “my dog has dogliosia”

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