fancy way to say wh-r-
martha was hoeing down mad hard last night. shes such a qwh-r-

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  • internet corn

    p-rn, but ya know. it is corn d-mn, im so corny. im gonna have to watch so much internet corn tonight

  • horsejerk

    the act of a female grabbing a man’s p-n-s, inserting it into her v-g-n- and jerking him off until he -j-c-l-t-s. the only way that fat guy got that chick pregnant is if she horsejerked him.

  • ashley crepe

    when you just wanna ear here up! i want an ashley crepe because i love you babay

  • silver screened

    to run away from what you have known to chase fame and fortune. word made known by the band placebo for their song t-tled “special needs”. remember me when your the one who silver screened…

  • interpersonal pyromaniac

    somebody who, either through intentional acts or f-ck-ups, constantly and consistently burns bridges between people. “man i’m trying to apply for jobs now, but i don’t have any good references. if only i was’t such a professional interpersonal pyromaniac. i should probably remove that from my “work experience” section as well… probably…

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