he is a f-cking c-nt with a small p-n-s and can’t kiss for sh-t. if you meet a raahi then you should avoid contact with him as he has many one night stands with loads of different girls.
see that guy over there
he is soooo annoying
he’s probably a raahi

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  • spohia

    a b-tch that eats d-ck all day and every day, she knows how to p-ss off ppl and she’s a b-tch in general. spohia is a b-tch buy the domain for your foodie site

  • tazime

    simply just an amazingly hot guy , with a really big p-n-s , and very funny omg yess tazime harder “ says dayna” buy the domain for your art vlog

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    a radio dj that’s so good, they make their listeners want to f-ck. a s-x transmitting disc jockey. -what’s charlie sloth playing? -i’ll check it out. -you really turned on, as well, by the way? -yeah, charlie does that, he’s an s.t.dj. -what’s that? -a s-x transmitting dj. now give us a kiss.

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