a horrible disease usually found in skunks and bats. the disease causes the infected animal horrible pain, and eventually, if the animal has hair, it will go bald. animals with rabies do not foam from the mouth, but instead they continuously drool. the disease affects the animal by attacking and destroying the nervous system of the infected animal.
rabies can be spread through spit. often, when an animal is toward the end of its life with rabies it will attack any living thing it sees, spreading rabies more. if a human contracts rabies, they are given a huge, painful shot for six days during the 14 day incubation period.
you can tell if nocturnal animals have rabies because they will be out during the day because they can’t sleep due to the pain they are experiencing.
if a skunk has rabies, it will lose its fur and you can see that it’s tail is just a rod like thing.
a disease effecting the mental condtions of certain animals. an infected animal becomes vicious and transfers the disease through a bite.
d-mn, stay away from that skunk, it has rabies.
a zombie apocalypse for furry critters
an example for rabies “dogs of the dead”
a s-xual act where after giving a bl-wj-b, the giver lets the s-m-n foam out of their mouth, and begins to growl and bite the bl-wj-b receiver. reactions to rabid blowers are similar to reactions to rabid animals, lots of screaming and flailing.
she gives really good head, but afterward she always tries to give me rabies.” or “i got mad when he wouldn’t let me snowball him so i gave him rabies instead.
a illness often contracted from wild animals,effects the brain and causes salivation.
malaya (the person not the country) got rabies from chunky.
a disease that causes convulsions and foaming at the mouth. can be contracted via:

1. being bitten by rabid animal
2. the overconsumption of sugar packets on a wednesday afternoon in the workplace
coworker 1 “where’s aileen today?”

coworker 2 “oh man, didnt you hear?”

coworker 1 “no, what happened?”

coworker 2 “she got the rabies!”

coworker 1 “what?! how?! doesn’t she live in the city??!”

coworker 2 “no she lives in the bronx, but she didn’t get it from being bit by her archnemesis – the evil racc–n, nay – something overcame her yesterday and on a whim she began consuming packet after packet of sugar from our cupboards, likely in an effort to save the world one packet at a time from coming in close contact with the poisonous stuff.”

coworker 2 “it was very graceful. she appeared almost fountain like. it was as close to the trevi fountain i’ll ever get. sigh” awkward pause by water cooler
any baby that is the product of rape.
“hey man that’s not funny i am a product of rape.”

“so you are a raby?”


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