a person who is a racist b-tches who think they are superior to any other race
i am a racistbutlickerb–tch because i am stupid

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  • radical cabbage

    when something is so awesomely done that even if it would normally be lame, it is highly entertaining and or impressive. jeez steve you stack those books like its n-body’s business!, it’s totally radical cabbage.

  • radio homicide

    when a song is played so much on the radio that a once good songs becomes annoying and unbearable. -hey man, have you heard that song called “how to save a life” by the fray? -yeah, too many times, they need to sue for radio homicide.

  • Radio Remix

    when you listen to a song on the radio and go between the zones of two different stations, resulting two songs being combined into one. dude i was listening to led zeppelin on the radio the other day, and then lady gaga started playing with it. it was a sick radio remix.

  • rage igniter

    someone who is annoying , or too good at something that makes someone “rage quit” it is not the rage quitters fault that they quit. it is the rage igniter jesus will your such a rage igniter

  • ragkousis

    a weird boring person who describes something very slowly in a similar accent to tony montana from scareface. commonly used in london as street talk lmao that guy is really ragkousis shut up ragkousis

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