what lil tracy says repeatedly
rackaid, rackaid, rackaid, rackaid, rackaid

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  • michael munnett

    a irish hermit that always loves to get wasted showing his -ss on a webcam, while talking about conspiracies. -is that the local village idiot? -no that’s just michael munnett, the drunk village hermit

  • clamchops

    clam = v-g-n-, chops = face clam chops = v-g-n- face friendly insult toward your esteemed chaps sheila: thanks for the top root ey c-nt. bloke: yeah you too clam chops. see that ugly bird over there? who? you mean clam chops? overly abundant v-g-n- lips jesus, look at the clamchops on that sl-t. what’s […]

  • karaoke club

    a place where people who can’t sing, do it anyway. i was awesome at the karaoke club last night. a bunch of drunk guys singing obnoxiously loud to cl-ssic songs. this group of drunk men (and sometimes women) stand upon a table with drinks in hand. this is commonly in the form of an old […]

  • karayiannis

    a greek c-nt that guy’s last name is karayiannis, he must be a c-nt

  • aaliyan

    savage -ss n-gg-, only f-cks hoes. he’s the guy that f-cked your b-tch last night. the realest n-gg- in existence. your mom calls him daddy, and your girl. d-mn ma n-gg- aaliyan a f-cking savage

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