– a type of woman similar to a cougar. the difference between the two is the cougar will pick out the best. the rac–n will seek her male from the pile the cougar rejected.
dude a: thats a cougar, see how aggressive she is.
dude a: and that in the corner is the rac–n waiting in to get her share after wards
dude b: and whats that over there ?
dude a: something completely different. a jackal
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a small woodland creature… very nice -ss, strange, scared, and amazing

d-mn look at rac–n, she keeps sucking on her food for no reason
person from india or with indian ancestry,this’s common say between french-americans,racc–n is a nickname given to this indian people due to their more darker skin around their eyes wish -ssimilate them to raccons whom also have this characteristic
dude i went to 7eleven and that f-cking rac–n tried to overcharge me for a 12pack
a word used by some as a reference to s-x.
(via text message)
girl 1 “. rac–n”
girl 2 “lucky b-tch..”
girl 1 “yeeaa…x5!”

girl 2 “….”
an exausting yet pleasurful s-xual experience… a rac–n is when you place your fist into a girls face giving her a black eye, then you agressivly place her into a dumpster where she will rummage around looking like a rac–n diging for food.
“yes joey”
“ull never belive wut i did last night”
“what did u do joey”
“i mouse traped a smashingly apealing girl last night”
“marvolous but not quit up to par with my shananagans”
“wut did u do steve”
” i rac–ned a rather s-xually stimulating broad”
“wow how very sophisticated if i do say so my self old chap”
to punch a women in her left eye during intercourse, followed by -j-c-l-t-ng on her face, then proceeding to punch her right eye.

also said c–n
“yo man, i’m gonna rac–n that b-tch tonight!”


“i’mma c–n that hoe”
someone either a girl/boy who you could imagine rummaging around in dumpsters looking for food. they are usually dirty or the type of person you wouldn’t touch with a bargepole.
“geez louise look at that rac–n!”, said jeff pointing discretely at the girl in the corner of the room.

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