1. something that is rad to the core. a description of an action or thing which is especially impressive/f-cking rules.
did you see that guy snorting c-ke out of that strippers -ss crack? that was radcore.
a combination of radical & hardcore positively expressing something extreme and vulgar. otherwise just a replacement for very cool & words to that effect.
your jam was radcore!
when something is too rad or hardcore to be called either
“did you see that?! yeah it was radcore!”
something between rad and hardcore…something d-mn rad
guy1: dude did you see my geektar
guy2: yeah man it’s fair radcore
adj: anything that is hardcore, yet totally cool.
michael scofield’s tattoos in prison break are radcore!
totally awesome. you love it.
holy cr-p thats so radcore to the fully full on hardcore max extreme.
when someone is so rad (radical) to the core
thanks for doing overtime today brock, you are radcore

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