a very loving and wonderful person! raegan has a great personality and loves to do sports. she’s very sweet and funny.
raegan is amazing at softball
a very laughable person who knows how to have fun. she is cuddly and easy to talk to. she has self confidence and doesn’t care what other people think which makes her unique.

she is also very pretty and could be a model if she wanted to
that girl is so raegan

a lovable young woman who’s playful and outgoing. she gets over fights easily and is very lovable and cuddly.

she also is a very intelligent woman who is beautiful in every way. inside and
out. she loves people and looks a bit like alicia keys.

a raegan helps people in need
the most awesome person in the world. she’s s-xy as h-ll and loves to have fun. every girl wants to be here and every boy wants to do her. she’s a bad -ss and could take down anyone.
dont mess with me, im a raegan.
a young playful and outgoing person(: its a name for boys or girls but this way it is spelled differently. (regan raegen are more common) all the raegans i know (3) are very loud and happy people. they love to make everybody happy :d
-person 1- im sad today :'(

-person 2- have you talked to raegan?

-person 1- no..

-person 2- go…

-person 1- but bu-

-person 2- go g-dammit.
raegan’s can be big b-tches and sarcastic -ssholes, but they also can be the best person ever. they have great personalities, they catch every guys eye.. they are fabulous people and great dressers. raegans will always catch your eye. they suck at cleaning and are very lazy but if you ever need anyone there for you then raegans are the way to go. most raegans have long hair also the prettiest ones have big brown eyes, and brown hair. they are very flexible. don’t play a raegan because she will never forgive you. they don’t play with bullsh-t so don’t start drama. raegans are very forgiving for the most part. raegans are always laughing and smiling. they are very conceited but sometimes they aren’t and they just need to be told there beautiful. so if you see a raegan go up to her and tell her she is beautiful and start a good conversation because she wont. raegans will never disappoint you. they are great in bed.
“raegan was great last night”

“have you seen raegan”
ugly, man. trys to be unique, but is painfully like everyone else. doesnt care about anyone but herself. huge b-tch. horrilbe at dancing. needs to get a life.
i decided to raegan, by going with the whole ne.w scarf fad

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