an uncontrollable anger that will most likely to burst out in a physical way such as punching,kicking grabbing and hurting the ones that make them rage.there are many types of rage based on the situation like bullying.people with short temper are most likely to rage so be nice to them 🙂
adam raged when that douche nick took a joke too far!
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to party extremly hard: excessive drinking, taking of pills, boozing or any combination of the three.

not possible to remember the previous night…
its friday night, lets f-cking rage!
what you get from reading bad definitions on urban dictionary over and over again confirming the fact that the world is actually, just as you always suspected – that being, full of idiotic hicks who cannot for the life of them spell, respect other races, respect women or much else.
if only they would all go shoot themselves and make this world a better and smarter place.
the only people who are worse are the people who give them the thumbs up. these people should be detained in a unit for the clinically ill.
if i had a buck for every bad definition that got published on urban dictionary, i would be a millionaire.
extreme and uncontrollable anger. the person who posesses it is most likely to act it out, violently.
i broke the rottweiler’s ribs in a burst of seething rage.
to party very hard, to get wasted.
speaker: dude, i desperately need to party. i’ve been sober for the past week
friend: yeah bro! let’s f-cking rage!!!
rage is the word for partying at your hardest. if you are raging, you are out of control. you are likely to be very inebriated, and may fall on your face even while innocently walking back to your bed. r.a.g.e stands for rowdy alcoholics getting (in)ebriated.
we rage harder than rebecca black going to school on a friday morning…partyin’ partyin’ partyin’ yeah!
rage: the act of drinking excessively, spending lots of money, causing destruction, and f-cking your life up in the course of a single night. consequences of a rage typically consist of loss of memory, std’s, unwanted children with fat chicks, depleted bank accounts, fights, break ups, drunken calling and texts, loss of vehicle in vegas parking lots, and next day facebook posts of fml!

rag-ing: the action verb used to describe event s occurring during a “rage” night.
we decided to rage in san diego and ended up f-cking an ugly chick in the hotel hallway while spectators cheered us on. we had the sickest rage last night, woke up in vegas next to a stripper or hooker or sloppy illegal citizen, lost my keys, lost my wallet, sh-t my pants, and pretty sure nachos were involved in my life at some point.
an alcoholic drink with copious amounts of energy drink and other ingredients. rage is only rage if it is stored in an empty milk jug and if one can feel the rage in their veins.

“hey you hepcats! drink the new swinging beverage, rage! it will put you in a wide awake nightmare!”
the original rage recipe

5 shots of tequila

3 shots of vodka

2 five hour energy drinks

1 amp energy drink

splash of mountain dew

splash of orange juice

splash of margarita mix (unfrozen)

lemon juice to taste

mix in empty milk jug. let refine for 2 to 3 days. drink. tear flesh from bones.

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