to beat or f-ck
1.mans ragged that little f-cker all over the place.

2.ugh! you bin raggin her?!
to have s-x with someone.
i ragged pat butcher.
to be ‘owned’ or humiliated in some shape or form.
haha, that man just got ragged by that girl.
to get f-cked hard. and take everything in and enjoy it.
“yeah i ragged natarsha tevaka so hard last night it was so funny”
its a type of slang word and basically means to pull someone by the hair or clothing very quickly. people do it when in a physical fight.
the welsh use it alot.
“she ragged me by the hair”
to get ragged – to go out on the town and get your rag on.
to get drunk, or otherwise inhibriated. to have a good time.
get your glad rags on we’re off to get ragged. i got well ragged last night.
word meaning to do something in a hurried manner.
“she was so h-rny she ragged his kecks (trousers) down and devoured his d-ck!”

“i ragged this motorbike so hard that the engine blew up!”

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