the sound someone makes when trying to get oxygen whilst getting throat-f-cked.
person 1: *raggle raggle*….*cough*…. :spits:
person 2: you’re a real raggler, aren’t you.

1. to scream at someone across the street that you want an ice cream cone.

2. to accidentally shoot someone with a turkey gun, therefore causing m-ssive phallic orange juice with horse v–gr-.
1. some f-g was raggling my neighbor yesterday

2. it was an accident! i raggled him!
a really hot, extremely s-xy person who tends to let loose when drunk. has a very low alcohol tolerance, and is the best drunk person you can ever go out with. is uncomfortable with the subject of s-x, but once she gets into it, can go on for hours talking about it. shortened version of raghda
“d-mn raggles, look at that -ss”
“i love you raggles”
“drunk raggles is coming out tonight!!”
a verb meaning to physicaly jiggle, sniggle, of diggle the scrotal region for an undefined period of time to reduce tal (see definition)
i had to excuse myself from the dinner table to raggle my sack free from my inner thigh.
state of being.getting hyped or motivated.mo-jo
friday night….time to get my raggle on!

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