the r-t-rds who chat, spam and beg on the rails at the high stakes tables on full tilt poker
railtard: who is durrrr?
railtard: durrrr is gay
railtard: who is trex, urindanger or omgclayaiken?
railtard: can someone send me $5

chat monitor: railtard chat banned for 10 minutes for being r-t-rded

mentally deficient, socially inept or just plain feral who frequents public transport of the rail variety. known to ask obvious and stupid questions. seemingly unable to read or recognize numbers. probably has difficulty tying shoe laces.
a railtard stared at an empty platform and asked if the train was in yet.

a railtard walked past the information desk and several screens showing departure times and destinations to ask me where the train stopped.

the railtard became abusive when he arrived late for his train and it had already left according to the timetable.

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