raison d’etre

(n.) ray-sohn d’etrah.
in french, literally, “reason of being/ reason (of) to be.”
raison d’etre is a term used to signify one’s own existence. it is used to show that one has rights to be where they are or to do as they are doing.
“john lost his girlfriend, and aswell his future lost his raison d’etre. they found the body that afternoon when the school called to report his absence.”
1. sense of purpose, your individual sense of purpose in life.
2. dogfish head ale makes a tasty beer called raison d’etre, it is %8.0 alcohol, it is brewed with raisons and a sense of purpose.
jason: so bob how’s the new job?
bob: i love it bro, i’ve finally found my raison d’etre.
jason: what the f-ck are talking about, your raison tree? dude you’re such a loser. why the h-ll would do you use words that n-body else knows?

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