a h-rny deamon who also plays silly tricks
don’t be such a rakashka deamon trickster

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  • fetch my rapier

    what a man says to a woman when he’s feeling gay and wants to be penetrated. hey hillary, fetch my rapier, i’m feeling good tonight. no bill, why don’t you ask monica instead.

  • pirate and booty

    the same thing as netflix and chill but instead of netflix, a show/movie acquired by piracy is put on in the background instead. sarah thought she was going to john’s to netflix and chill but john pirated the movie that was playing so it turned into pirate and booty instead.

  • flatten you out

    to lay one flat. more specifically, to position someone in the pr-ne position, put two fingers in their ace to metaphorocally say “i own you b-tch” yo, b-tch. cross me one more time and i will flatten you out b-tch lay

  • szar

    hungarian word for sh-t. well like english hungarian use a word for many purpouses. so other meanings for the word in phrases – i can’t believe it – chicken out -d-mn it – don’t giving a d-mn or i don’t care a szarba. – d-mn it. szarnom kell. – i need to sh-t. szar film […]

  • grind my corn

    a term from the 1800s for a type of -n-l s-x. it’s when you take temporary ownership of a man’s p-n-s and command him to insert it so deeply in your -ssh-l- that you can no longer feel your face from screaming in pure pleasure and ecstasy. this works better if you are single and […]

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