rake yohn

friend of bam margera and member of the cky crew from west chester, pa. known for his long hair and bad teeth. works as a chemist.
rake yohn is the guy on the cover of cky2k.
hulking human hairball.
rake: woo woo
rake hates mustard, and sometimes bam margera.
rake hates mustard, period blood and bam margera
crazy guy with long hair. loves woodeewooing
rake has a huge tattoo of the word f-ck on his side
what a rake does when it is tired.
the rake yawned after spending the night without sleeping.
a religious cult founded in 1999 by (described as self-proclaimed by some) philosopher rake yohn. monthly rituals for the followers of this cult include the burning of mustard, the mixing of various chemicals, and the bizzare practice of “antiquing”, in which members throw raw flour at each other. consequently, the fbi has declared the followers of rake yohn cult to be a potential threat to national security, though there have been no charges filed to date.
“authorities have announced that they are keeping a close eye on the followers of rake yohn cult.”
-cnn.com, february 10, 2004
got the sh-t beat out of him by ellis in the record store, chased bam on a bike, and got run over by a taxi that dunn was riding in.
rake yohn is indestructible, motherf-ckers

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