random access memory

1.memory used by computers to store the currently running operating system, programs, and open files. erased when power is turned off.

2.the thing a computer never has enough of.
“this computer has 512mb of ram.”

a corsair 512mb desktop ram chip
(verb) fornicate, have s-xual intercourse, f-ck; act of s-x from male perspective, performed by male.
all i want to do is ram that b-tch.

he was ram(ming) her so hard.
what to do when it doesn’t fit
the plug didn’t fit so i rammed it in
beyond making love, having s-x, and f-cking. to have forcefull relations with someone, without much regard to their pleasure. when you f-ck someone like you hate them, with the idea being to acheive your -rg-sm and leave them wanting more.
i’d make love to my wife, have s-x with my girlfriend, f-ck my misstress, but i’d ram that chick over there.
when a wrestling coach makes someone their b-tch, and makes them worship his jock strap.
coach really ramed him, did you see him up there in his office sniffing his shorts.
conquer of the impossible. a guy who excels in every aspect of life and makes all women h-rny.
also has a very large p-n-s.
ayo, you know that dude ram? he is such a pimp! that boy be getting -ss daily!
the action of sniffing a wrestling coach’s crotch area and instantly falling in love with the man scent.
when i got to ram coach today, it smelled so good i want to worskip his jockstrap.

when coach made me ram him, i became his b-tch i even offered him my truck if he’d let me perform oral for him.

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