something someone with too much spare time says before ramming a banana up their farter
stephen didn’t have much work on so sat on a banana in the disabled toilets instead for a ramama

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  • Rambodextrous

    the ability to wield machine guns with both hands. joe is so awesome, i think he’s rambodextrous!

  • Recycle Fuck

    having s-x with someone you’ve already f-cked, therefore not increasing your number (the number of people you’ve had s-x with). dave was a pretty good lay last time, so i recycle f-cked him.

  • Rigi

    to speak to a girl for about a week, and build s-xual attraction. then proceed to ignore the girl for sh-ts and giggles. j: dude.. stop rigiing girls..its creepy justin: i get bored.. and girls are sl-ts

  • frigface

    a) the face of a fingerer b) an insulting term used in jest. frig, frigulot b-mface b-mflap b-mhead a) don’t you look at me with that frigface. b) oh frigface!

  • robespigeon

    the most beautiful pairing in the world, coupling the tender incorruptible with that purest of birds, the pigeon. particularly meaningful because the pigeon’s beak, which is fed with scr-ps even the lowest parisian vagrants have discarded, is incapable of uttering any untruth. “ugh, f-ck eléonore duplay. robespigeon is my otp.”

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