awesome, cool, out of this world
that trick was randunculous!

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  • lesbiqueer

    a woman-identified woman who identifies as both a lesbian and a queer woman. stephanie identifies as lesbiqueer.

  • Loudon High School

    the oldest, cr-ppiest, most redneck piece of sh-t high school in the southeast. you should have no reason to ever go there, unless you have a sick desire to contract some sort of chronic mental illness or std. “so i p-ssed by an old run-down brothel-” “oh you mean loudon high school”

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    hospital/police procedure for collecting evidence from a recent rape victim, e.g. clothing and s-m-n samples. also: the completed box of evidence. after the exam, the police collected her rape kit to test for dna samples. a set of supplies used to commit rape. often include roofies, condoms, and a video camera. note: a simpler rapte […]

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