short for “range rover”, an expensive suv.
all black, tinted-up, thugged out range.
regarding streetball terms, refers to the ability to shoot well, particularly three-pointers, or from behind the arc.
shiy, check out alston knockin down a three every night! dude got mad range!
means ‘range rover’.
“we got a lot of f-ckin’ ice, i dont kare! we got a ‘benz’ and a ‘range’, i dont kare, we get 40 spins a day, i dont kare! iksrfo! (i’m knocking somebody right da f-ck out)
a term used to describe a girl – being in range would make her attractive, whereas out of range would make her off the radar and therefore not worth looking at.
ben: you seen the worldy at 5 o clock? definitely in range.
ross: nah man you’ve got beer goggles, way out of range.

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