ranissa is a beautiful girl who is very talented and intelligent. she is like the sun shining through the clouds on a dark and dreary day. she often doesn’t see the beauty she has both inside and out. she is very humble about her talents and has trouble believing compliments anyone pays to her. ranissa is very artistic and kind. she is often found putting others before herself and seldom complains when she doesn’t get what she wants. she is like dr doolittle with all animals, as they seem to be drawn toward her for communicating in some way or another.

ranissa is a very sensitive girl who takes everything personally and to heart, so pay attention to the words you use with her….her heart is on her sleeve and she chooses not to guard it. if you’re lucky enough to know a ranissa, keep her close and love her forever…..you have found a unicorn.
have you met that girl, ranissa? she’s gonna be my new best friend.

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