a knight, monster, godeater, dragonslayer, monsterhunter,soul reaper, ultimatelife form,ultimate death form,42
raoel is awesome.

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  • pumping to your bloodclart

    you’d get the c-cky, beat up the puss..meow your backdoors would get smashed in. you’ll get a pumping to your bloodclat fi iyah ‘pumping to your bloodclart’ is a way of saying i’d commit s-xual practices with another adult

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    a fabulous and stealthy person who can sneak around, make silly noises, and loves chicken. generally super funny and great at owning noobs. omg ur such a stealthymoose!

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    quigglepig quigglepig means to be afraid to speed up or there just a really slow person some one who is always slow u quigglepig just do the peed limit u quigglepig speed up u quigglepig stop being so slow u quigglepig i am going to kick your -ss if u don’t speed up

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