a genre of music mixing electronic and rap.
d-mn son, tubestar is the world’s best rapatronic band!

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  • rapist van

    a big giant van, often white or black with no windows, somtimes equiped with a cage seperating the rapee from the raper to get from one location to annother quickly. somtimes these rapist vans are equiped with sh-gg carpet, black light, and “stash lock box” (optional) for “your raping pleasure”. 1. wholy sh-t! watch out!…. […]

  • Rapprehensive

    the feeling of most adults towards the genre of rap or hip-hop music; when an individual is apprehensive towards rap or does not want to accept it as actual music. “lose yourself in the music the moment you own it you better never let it go…” “turn that noise off tommy!” “why are you so […]

  • raprehension

    when a n-gg- really know how ta lay down da rymes yo. tad: hey chet what do you think of feliciano’s raps man? chet: are you frontin’? dat man’s rymes are off da hook- dat’s one n-gg- wid ‘raprehension’ yo.

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  • Rock Road

    lexington avenue, a residential street in dayton, ohio, known for its proliferation of crack houses. we be rollin on dubs down rock road, aight?

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