the act of saying to your mother that you may have accidentally gotten your cat pregnant. you see there is a much deeper meaning behind this. say you just had some bomb -ss fruty pebbles and you just get a raging b-n-r. you can’t just not leave it there and wait for it to go away. that would be a waste. so you are looking saying to yourself about how in god’s name are you gonna get rid of this breakfast erection. you look in your fridge and boom, stick of b-tter. you grab the stick of b-tter and f-ck it. now your saying to yourself something like “ok i just raped some b-tter but how am i going to get rid of this breakfast b-n-r?” then you hear a meow. it’s your cat. you look at it and it stares back at you. the cat acknowledges the situation and turns around. then with your d-ck stuck in the b-tter you apologize to your car and then you f-ck it. you just rape-b-ttered your car and now you have to tell your mom what you just did. rape-b-tter isn’t the action of raping your cat with b-tter it’s the act of apologizing for doing so to your mom and only your mom it doesn’t work with dads or dogs or any b-tter subst-tute.
1 son: mom i’m sorry but i may have accidentally rape-b-ttered the car.
mom: did you use a b-tter subst-tute?
son: no.
mom: then it’s ok.

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