so pretty and is fun to hang around with. if you talk sh-t she will come up to you and confront the sh-t outta you. also don’t mess with her she got sh-t that will expose your life. but she so attractive and cute and she waiting for the loml. but she is so cute and a savage!!
wow raquel is such a savage
the cutest little b-tch in town. talk all the sh-t you want.. this mama is still hotter than you sk-nk
she is such a raquel that he wants to marry her now!! the ex-girlfriend is quite jealous of that raquel.
the most beautiful girl you will ever meet – both on the inside and out. she has a personality that everyone would die for. loved by all. a raquel stands strong for what she believes in, and doesnt let anyone step on her. protects all her family and friends as much as she can. shes a true friend, who will stick with you through thick and thin, till the end. shes always got your back.

everyone should meet a raquel sometime in their life.
feel blessed if you already have. 🙂
the name is often confused with rachel or rocky.
raquel is the most amazing person you will ever meet.
truly unique name; also mistaken for “rachel.”
“hi, i’m raquel, but people call me rocky.”
pretty much the coolest name/person ever. also mistaken for “rachel” and “rocky” a lot of the time.
harry, “whoh, raquel sure is mmm… tasty!!!”
a s-xy well known female who is known to cause a high increase rate in jaw drops. they tend to date latino men.
“wow baby she is so a raquel”
complete fox. with incredible hands.
wow! look at that raquel

” lil raq”
one of the most hottest girls around. she is hated by many, but doesn’t give a d-mn. an amazing friend. great in bed; she’s a freak. flirts with all the hot guys, but not a wh-r-. neck breaker. don’t mess with her cause she’ll f-ck you up. usually into black boys sometimes white guys.
boy one: d-mn raquel was… i can’t even explain it!
boy two: forreal man? can i get some?
boy one: h-ll nah man, she aint no roller!
boy two: lucky -ss b-st-rd!

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