expresses one’s shock or surprise…
for example … abdul says to jess, last night i made love to four girls at the same time… jess replies by saying r-rs-
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“raw -rs-”
the burning raw feeling in your -ss crack from when you didn’t wipe well enough and/or when you go too long with moisture between your -ss cheeks, after a while your -rs- will get raw and it’ll burn.
“i got r-rs- today at work, it was awful”
if sommmet is r-rs- its an expression that its really good. however if u get r-rs-d that means u’ve been battered or f-cked
e.g, “man that track was r-rs-”
e.g, “this guy in town got propper r-rs-d by this kn-bheads in town last night”
to physically attack someone and beat them up.
‘ima r-rs- you up ’nuff bad’
‘your gona get r-rs-d tonight’
to go realy fast, either on foot or in a vehicle
we were driving down the motorway and this teik just r-rs-d right past us

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