1. perfect; lovable; handsome; s-xy; intelligent; mega-watt smile; nice
2. the most down to earth, sweetest person you will ever meet.

3. get lost in his eyes, in his arms, and in his smile
4. popular/famous
rasheed? i think i’m in heaven or maybe its just love.
the awesomest forward in the world. critisized by the nba media. mostly misunderstood. f-ck you all hes the best.
doood, rasheed owned the game last night.
mexican rapper from houston, tx. under the record label “dope house records.”
that n-gg- rasheed went hard on that 3rd wish cd mayne.
bad -ss forward for the portland trailblazers, got a bad rep because he smokes so much weed, but has talent and just needs to harness it.
rasheed would beat your -ss.
a forward for the blazers hes a 2 time all star the best ever
the blazers are winnin it in 03 holla
a sl-t hoe that will f-ck yo moms on set
d-mn rasheed just f-cked my mom

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