heart conquerer.
yani loves a rashidin, but she loves a hafizi too.

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  • facken

    a mild term for f-cking you facken d-ld- what are you doing??

  • chamyah

    a loving and strong ,smart kind,caring ,young lady i will be more like chamyah

  • steve jobs ing it

    “steve jobs-ing it” refers to a term when a fired ceo triumphantly returns to run the company that she or he founded. fired and disgraced uber} ceo travis kalanick told many that he is working on “steve jobs-ing it” and will one day as uber ceo again.

  • fraith

    it’s another word for c-m that spread amongst the priests. little boy tim: father donavan i need to be fraithtized. priest: ok little tim i’ll take you to dinner first so my fraith will be sweeter. little boy tim: oh jolly! i’m excited.

  • noyer

    1. to f-ck up something beyond repair by not thinking things through. 2. an exclamation used when somebody does so. you noyered it up, you imbecile!

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