very kind and handsome person that dresses nice and loves it’s hair
“hey b-tch, this n-gg- is soooo r-ssaun”

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  • backs on backs

    backs on backs means you have a big b-m, basically having a bigger b-m then a normal big b-m she has backs on backs on back

  • chickie chickie

    the sudden urge to squeeze someone or something omg elaine i’m in a chickie chickie mood

  • trumdub

    trumdub (adjective), someone who is trump dumb. the ultimate insult. devoid of good judgement and common sense. stupidity they are trumdub for defending trump’s rancid behavior.

  • beef bandana

    overweight co-worker wearing dodgy headgear look at the beef bandana

  • bangshangalang

    something you say when you’ve successfully out-witted your opponent. aka “come out on top” or when you’ve done something with such bad-ssery and you need something to exclaim afterwards. *when you didn’t wear a condom and she didn’t get pregnant.* “bangshangalang!”

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