offical texmex newb of the year, also know as mother f-cking rawool
can’t aim 🙁

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  • RC-XD

    a kick -ss little remote control car used to blow sh-t up, as seen in call of duty: black ops. voice from above: enemy rc-xd spotted in your area. private: omg omg omg weeza gonna diee.. major- lmao nubsicle. -whirring of tiny wheels going crazy fast.. private: ahhhhhh nahflab fu- !boom! major: lmao!!

  • Blonde Pie

    the best pie you’ll ever eat. a.k.a. “b.p” the velvety gash of a sweet and slender blonde-headed woman bobby sure loves his blonde pie served fresh and warm

  • Carolina Chili Pepper

    the act of putting chili pepper flakes or hot sauce on your junk before having s-x with a girl. i took this girl to dinner at a brazilian bbq for dinner and she p-ssed me off so i gave her a carolina chili pepper.

  • Anti-jigglejaggleish spray

    the spray used to get rid of jigglejagglelishness (doesn’t word if you have a jigglejaggle!) “ahhh! he touched me! i will use my anti-jigglejaggleish spray to get rid of it!”

  • Antononymous

    a street adaptation of the word antonymous, used when one attribute negates another. suzie: surely you can still be cool and have kids clark: nope, it’s antononymous

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