to make fun of
noun: a nigerian slang used to describe obnoxious individuals who try desprately hard to fit in.

verb: to act in razz
ex noun: “i can tell the razz bunch by their clothes”

ex verb: “dont be razz” or “dont be a razzo”
to get very drunk
we’re going out on the razz.
do talk up girls
mate i razzed some prime biddy yesterday
to heckle or laugh at contemptuously. it comes from the word razzberry (raspberry), a sound of contempt made by protruding the tongue between the lips and expelling air forcibly to produce a vibration. like what chimpanzees do.

what duane said to his girlfriend when he got home from work after walking around all day with his zipper down.
girlfriend: “how was your day at work today, duane?”
duane: “i got razzed by the guys again today.”
the act of going somewhere whilst being groovy and funky
ok homie just razzing over to jakes house
razz is a poker game that is very similar to seven-card stud. the cards are dealt exactly the same, however, the objective is to make the best 5-card low hand you possibly can. an ace always plays low. the best 5-card hand you can have is a2345, with a2346 coming second, a3456 coming third, and so on.

also, it’s important to not that straights and flushes do not apply in razz.
hold’em and omaha were getting rather boring, so we decided to spice up the home game with a few rounds of razz.

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