tending to .
pertaining to or characterized by reaction.
electricity. pertaining to or characterized by reactance.
contemporary examples

these are reactive, not proactive, stances, and they do little to offer substantive solutions.
men need a better men’s rights movement nancy kaffer december 15, 2014

in modern times, reactive undermining is more respectable, having become the special tool of the comedians.
in vice presidential debate, joe biden perfects art of the smirk lee siegel october 12, 2012

the commandos want a single garment made of “reactive” fibers that will allow heating and cooling as temperatures vary.
special ops’ weapons wish list michael peck april 8, 2014

the reality is something less proactive than reactive, not an initiative but a condition—a matter of ident-ty.
america is coming to terms with its racial past—let’s look ahead instead john mcwhorter may 21, 2014

russell was diagnosed not long after his meltdown with “reactive psychosis,” which is a form of temporary insanity.
creator of kony 2012, jason russell, is out of treatment and talking to oprah winston ross october 6, 2012

historical examples

no repeater is successful unless it is free from this reactive interference.
cyclopedia of telephony & telegraphy vol. 1 kempster miller

they rise and fall together; they are reactive, one upon the other.
rural life and the rural school joseph kennedy

the work in the gymnasium has three purposes: invigorative, reactive, and corrective.
the making of a trade school mary schenck woolman

succedaneum for chrysarobin; very active reducer or “reactive.”
merck’s 1899 manual merck & co.

but they had been replaced by an uncontrollable, reactive nausea.
spillthrough daniel f. galouye

readily partaking in chemical reactions: sodium is a reactive metal, free radicals are very reactive
of, concerned with, or having a reactance
responsive to stimulus
(of mental illnesses) precipitated by an external cause: reactive depression

1712, from react + -ive. related: reactively; reactiveness; reactivity.

reactive re·ac·tive (rē-āk’tĭv)

tending to be responsive or to react to a stimulus.

characterized by reaction.

tending to partic-p-te readily in chemical reactions.

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