not a word, according to ja, the word guru.
want to know something that’s not a word? readability.

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  • crapstick

    noun: any stick with cr-p on it. adj: not good. see bad news bears noun: don’t try to pet that dog with that cr-pstick. adj. “oh cr-pstick” chapstick with grosse stuff on the end of it. usually from having dirty lips before application. dang, you just made some weird cr-pstick there. yuck! a log. cr-pstick […]

  • foamer domer

    the act of receiving oral s-x or a “domer” while having laundry detergent and water lathered on to the male counterparts p-n-s, followed by the female counterpart giving the oral s-x or “domer” “yo dawg, last night this b–tch wanted to get kinky, so i was like ,how bout’ a foamer domer!” tyrone “d-mn dawg […]

  • creying

    a sarcastic remark to a bad insult i’m creying

  • Cribin

    where you reside at or where your home is at. a general area where you live. where you be cribin at. i be cribin in college park. the action of delivering items -ssociated with rental cribs. we are going cribin downtown then to lunch.

  • Redistribution of Health

    obama’s healthcare plan which allows america to comfortably get their fat-sses thin with redistribution of health obama plans on redistributing americas fat to hungry countries in need.

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