real bring

something between “keeping it real” and “bring it!”
yo… don’t f-ck with him. he’s real bring!

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  • wei hao

    name for a good person at heart. always willing to put one foot forward for others. chinese words of the name symbolizing one to protect and second to being extraordinary. always interested in something or has someone in his mind. a goody two-shoes. an extraordinary person. jenny’s boyfriend is such a wei hao!

  • nrtgtb

    not ready to go to bed i”m nrtgtb just yet.

  • weekly allowance

    when your parents ask you do something. at the end of the week they will pay you depending on the work you do wow i got $200 for my weekly allowance. i cleaned the walls and the ceiling which i wasn’t supposed to do and got an extra $20

  • trap chap

    a g-y man who generally hangs out with trans women yeah, alston’s a total trap chap. he’s always with zoey and cara!

  • potak

    there isn’t much definition it’s just potak. really whatever you believe. mm potak potak it’s just potak. hey look! it’s potak!

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