a 12 year or girl that wants to f-ck 4 guys in a week. also known as the biggest sl-t ever
oh reayliegh i forgot she loved me last week

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  • bottom liam

    when liam payne gets his -ss f-cked, mainly by zayn. zayn: bottom liam was strong, i nutted seven times

  • foreheaditus

    someone who has a m-ssive forehead and therefore has a tiny d-ck. person 1: why is adams forehead so big? person 2: he has foreheaditus person 1: gosh his d-ck must be small

  • zhar

    a person who doesn’t like a person name adi. usually secretly in love with a blake. zhar: adi keeps trying to hook with me. girl: i heard he has a friend name blake

  • max decoff

    unusual h-m-s-xual behavior with mostly f-ggot like clothing main found in the south bro your such a max decoff

  • to beat dead meat

    the act of doing something useless. can also be a reference to erectile dysfunction “what he’s about to do is completely useless, he’s just going to beat dead meat” “he couldn’t get it up, so he ended up beating dead meat”

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