slang term used for getting extremely drunk
i got recked up town
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you got recked
slang term used for getting extremely drunk
i got recked up town

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  • red splatter

    when a girl gets so mad at someone waits till she’s is on the rag gets her hand very bl–dy and slaps them with the bl–dy hand my boyfriend slept with my best friend he’s going to get a red splatter you just wait.

  • Reefer Griefer

    1) an obsessive stoner who steals all your weed, usually when you notice you have no more weed, he already smoked it all, can also be a troll weed whacker that cuts and steals the weed plants from your garden. also called leaf thief. the reefer griefer will swag your schwag.

  • renz charly

    a kid who turned fat during his 19-20’s. robert can’t run fast anymore for he turned into a renz charly

  • Resting Muppet Face

    1) person who’s natural look resembles a jim henson muppet. “he had huge eyes and mop hair, total resting muppet face.” “it could be worse, you could have rmf.”

  • rhetorical invitation

    when you invite someone but don’t expect/want them to respond positively. i saw my ex at starbucks yesterday, and she had the guts to extend me a rhetorical invitation to her wedding.

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