redneck metalhead

blue collar metal heads that are known for rural mischief and listening to (but not limited to) southern brand groove/sludge/doom/death metal. can be identified by pantera and acid bath t shirts. although they might partake in regular “redneck” past times (hunting, fishing, drinking) they usually only dress p-ssingly as redneck with a mandatory band t shirt, bandana, and cheap sungl-sses. they don’t have to be from the south, but almost always have an affinity for blue collar lifestyles and hard scrabble life.
“johnny spent all his money from his carpentry job on tickets to the crowbar concert, he’s such a f-ckin’ redneck metalhead”

“that redneck metalhead over there has had that truck since highschool, he drove it to a slayer concert across the country back in the 90s and it was old then. only a redneck would do that, but only a redneck metalhead would do it for a concert”

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