another word for pimple
omg dude, i cant get rid of this rednip on my nose!

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  • pizza brain

    when someone mentions pizza and you suddenly realize it’s all you ever wanted. you now can’t focus on anything else unless it’s pizza. aww man i can’t talk about this now, i got pizza brain. get me a f-cking slice!

  • yellow side

    synonym to “dark side”, only relatable with asians mostly j-panese. peter: here is my naruto playlist, but don’t say to anyone that i listen to it. it’s my dark side. eliza: lol no, that’s your yellow side

  • photocrack

    the term photographers use when the realize they are addicted to photography (or an outstanding picture) i must be on shutter speed cause i’m as high as the iso. this picture is straight photocrack

  • bun chucken

    bun chucken, for when the kiwi in the group can’t speak properly. tarei, what’s a bun chucken?

  • winner fatigue

    when you get tired of winning. eric was suffering from winner fatigue so he let that b-tch -ss gabriel win.

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