Redondo Beach

hottest town alive. beaches, b-tches, and me. what else is necessary? oh yeah, nothing.
someone from torrance/manhattan beach: “dude i went down to redondo beach the other day. i wish i was bamf enough to live there.”

someone else: “i heard jesus was born there.”

another guy: “i heard chocolate chip pancakes were created there.”

someone else: “dude, i heard that too.”
a wealthy suburb located in la, ca. home to sn-bby rich kids/ kooks/typical spoiled white girls. in the n area, also known as the redondo hood, you find 12 year olds with a “swag overload”. the 2 middle schools parras & adams are rivals who talk cr-p about each other all the time. finally the high school is a mix of many, from skaters to jocks to kooks to white girls to potheads to ratchets to kids that don’t even live in redondo. the football games are the ultimate hang out & everyone loves the middle schoolers that show up to act “cool” and annoy the sh-t out of everyone. every friday night there’s major ragers & everyone gets baked! sick right?!
during the week, high schoolers hang out at mcdonald’s/starbucks/panda express. sometimes wanna chill/ rita’s, & always the riviera village. on the weekends you find large groups of friends that all secretly hate each other hanging out at the beach surfing or tanning in their tiny bikinis. when bored, they take to overediting instagram photos and perfecting their tumblr. basically, the kids are the coolest you’ll ever meet.
moving on, most of the houses near the beach range from 700,000-8/9 million. unless you’d like a shack which can probably go for 500,000. north redondo homes are more in the lower end ranging from 600,000-800,000. the sn-bby parents love to compete with their homes and cars-usually mercedes and bmws.

overall, redondo beach is a nice suburb in la that everyone is jealous of. it has babes, kooks, and the beach.
guy #1 : redondo beach has the babes let’s go there!
guy #2 : sounds great!

girl #1 : let’s go get it on with the skaters and surfers!
girl #2 : yeah!!
a place filled with overpriced reality, watered down drinks and -ssh-l- cops. the only good part is the soft mattresses at the local jail.
dude, you got arrested in redondo beach last night? thank god for those comfy mattresses.

it could have been better, i could have been arrested in palos verdes.
a small beach city in southern california. everyone here looks the same!
short, white skater boy one: hey andrew!
short, white skater boy two: hey josh!
one: i’m not josh.
two: i’m not andrew.
one: i guess they’re right when they say everyone looks the same in redondo beach!

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