reesheda is the most sweetest and kindest person you will ever meet. very sociable, friendly, adventurous, and just loves to smile and have fun. she will be very cool in your face but watch out she will talk behind your back when your not around. she secretly loves drama. and is a hopeless romantic although she doesn’t act like it. she has an amazing sense of humor and she’s witty. she can talk to a stranger and make you think she’s know them for years. this girl just love to live life and have fun and believe me you’ll love to have fun with her too. even though she’s fake you can’t help but enjoy how much fun she is. the girl is a ball of fun and trust me you will have crazy fun memories to tell being in her company.
reesheda.. wait isn’t that the real cool funny and nice girl. oh yeah man. she’s a firecracker dude. she seems fun!

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