regeneration grief

regeneration grief, also referred to as rg, is the process of grief that whovians go through when the doctor is regenerating. there are 5 stages of this process: 1) sadness when you find out that the doctor is going to regenerate. 2) hatred of the next doctor when you find out who is replacing the old one. 3) disgust that they would ruin doctor who by casting this person to be the doctor. 4) admitting to yourself that this new actor isn’t so bad… and, 5) accepting that you have become a total fangirl/fanboy, and never want this person to leave, ever.

then the cycle repeats, over and over again, continuously breaking the hearts of every whovian in the galaxy.
person 1: “help i’m dying, the 11th is regenerating!!!!!”
person 2: “oh calm down, you’re not dying.”
person 1: “then what is this stabbing pain i feel in my heart?!”
person 2: “that? oh, don’t worry. this is just the beginning of your rg {regeneration grief}, it’ll be over soon.”

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