1. m-st-rb-t- in a lazy, relaxing way with or without -j-c-l-t–n. the verb to rejax was coined as a combination of the verbs to relax (from the ancient greek ‘to become less stiff’) and to -j-c-l-t- (from the latin ‘to become more stiff’), which, though diametrically opposed and diameter-ally challenged, come together to, well, come (or not come–that may be the question.) rejaxing is often performed in an attempt to woo oneself with slower, more languorous movements in self-pleasuring, particularly to ease stress from and minor physical tension due to hazardous work, imminently torpedoed relationships, and financial difficulties caused by divorce. the verb to rejax was first described in elsa downing’s erotic novel “lawyer by day, lover by night” as the main protagonist, successful criminal defense lawyer dirk travels, contemplates becoming reacquainted with his left hand during a business trip to las vegas.
from the novel “lawyer by day, lover by night”: after an afternoon of writing glib memorandums and filing bond motions for second-rate criminals, dirk made himself a gin tonic, sat in his favorite microsuede armchair, and began to rejax to the soothing sounds of his josh groban pandora station.

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