the p-ssing of urine from one persons p-n-s to another persons -n-s and allowing them to deliver it to the proper waste receptacle.
thanks to a well timed relay, i didn’t have to get out of bed this morning…but nicole did.
public service for the deaf, hard of hearing, or speech disabled. available through tty, mobile, and internet.
my friend is deaf, so she calls me with relay.
a state of being in a relationship.
yo, playa! ever since you been a relay with laquisha, you ain’t been hangin’ with your homies!
a multi-author story written on an online forum, through e-mail, or through the post. the story is written chapter by chapter (give or take) by the individual authors, each adding their own plot additions and twists.

the authors have control over all the characters as well as the power to direct the flow of the plot.
“did you see what dw wrote for the relay?”
“yeah. i can’t believe he killed off the emporor.”
tradition definition: “a series of persons relieving one another or taking turns.” the term ‘relay’ can be applied to shift work.

in some message-board communities on-line a relay can also be a reference to a game such as a use of the infamous ‘word -ssociation’. it’s also used to refer to a fictional story written by multiple writers who take it in turns to add their own chapter; typically concentrating on their own specific character.
1. a relay race.
2. story relay.
to imply disbelief or distrust. not taking one serious. also known as “really,” but pr-nounced rel-a…which gives it that extra sarcasm.
rel’ay…you’re actually the president.
the complete transfer of ones fecal matter from his/her -n-l cavity into the -n-l cavity of someone else.
dusty took a dump into armando’s open bung-hole, thus relaying his poo into armandos b-tt.

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