Release the Oompa Loompas

1. v. to unsnap a woman’s bra, thus freeing the beautiful milk-maids (i.e. oompa loompas) from captivity.

2. v. to infiltrate the most secure area inside the pentagon and free the 100 midgets that are currently held hostage. an attempt was made nearly 10 years ago but al-quaeda covered it up with urging from the president by crashing a plane. top government officials will deny the existence of a captive loompaland inside the pentagon used for their enjoyment. however, it does exist and they need to be freed!
1. that chick is so corn, i can’t wait til i can release the oompa loompas!

2. yo man i came up with a plan to release the oompa loompas, can you help?

sure, i know those little fellas need our help, i heard that they have them locked in a baby playpen!

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