awesome cool savage ripped hot good friend nice caring lit dope wannable cute funny cool magic understanding magical
omg that boy is so hot he must be a rem
rapid eye movement
a great rock band whos best records are probably “out of time” “doc-ment” and “automatic for the people”

they sing about what rock ‘n’ roll was orginnally about, being against mainstream society, but some so-called rock music see punk-pop and mtv hs distorted what rem really is, listen to the lyrics on “its the end of the world as we know it” and “losing my religion”

all in all a pretty good band, up there with the red hot chili peppers and led zeppelin
“man r.e.m. and rock alltogether rocks, mtv and rap sucks g-y c-ck”
r.e.m. is probably the most underated band in history. nevertheless their pretty bad -ss.
r.e.m.’s “its the end of the word as we know it” is their most popular song but most people never do find their way to songs like “radio free europe” and “perfect circle” and its a d-mn shame.
a great alternative rock band that was formed in 1980 by drummer bill berry, guitarist peter buck, b-ssist mike mills, and vocalist michael stipe.
rem kicks -ss. “the great beyond”, “the one i love”, “imitation of life”, and “losing my religion” are among some of their greatest songs.
a band from georgia usa. quirky style of music writing. have been around since early 1980s, have managed to write some excellent songs during that time. their peak occurred from 1990 to 1992 with the two cl-ssic alb-ms ‘out of time’ and ‘automatic for the people’. they are still writing music which is good in its own right.
and they still play live and kick -ss at it too.
rem @ move festival 2003 in manchester uk, absolutely fantastic performance.
rapid eye movement
an idiot – but in a good way
-laughs- u f-cking rem
noun. anything related to or of the reproductive organs of male, female, or flapper.
my internet connection was being a rem so i couldn’t watch my “g-y midget prison p-rn.”

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