a bad-ss f-ckboy and slightly a emo pervert. 🙂
no examples. 🙁 remixx is a name that i can’t even put an example its that hard

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  • nick main

    literal perfection. has a perfectly extraordinary soul. embodiment of amazingness. nick main handeled the sh-t outta that ruggiero.

  • marlee rae

    there aren’t any definitions for marlee-rae yet. can you define it?

  • wooju

    a girl that is amazing in bed and gives mad bl-wj-bs. she might be tight but loosens up easily and don’t worry she doesn’t use her teeth. my wooju is the best in bed .

  • ninny licker

    one who licks ninny (nipples) typically man on man action. you sir are a ninny licker

  • authorinihilistic

    authorinihilistic a person that is authoritarian and nihilistic a rare form of psychopathic sadism. hitler and stalin were both authorinihilistic in that they took pleasure killing millions of people slowly and felt it didnt matter and since life didnt matter they wanted everyone to die.

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