she is the literal definition of amazing.cares too much about others but can be satan when pushed too hard.always ready to lend a hand and will stop you from doing the dumbest things.she’s very tranquil and calm around her friends but a total,maniacal bad-ss around her besties.she stands up for what is right and is very brave.also an enormous potterhead and is married to draco malfoy.when sad,she tells her besties because she knows they can cheer her up tremendously.if that doesn’t work,she resorts to chocolate.she is extremely,extremely beautiful but will always deny it.never lose her if you manage to even catch her or the wrath of h-ll will rain down upon you.
draco:oh darling renisha!i’ve been waiting for you!
boy:darn it draco!she’s mine!
boy 2:heck no!renisha’s mine!

*big fight happens*

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