a person who replaces a friend who is of the female species with another of similar species. a typical example of a replacer would be one eoin o’sullivan. recently he replaced carol tully with aislinn mahon in one swift movement.they now enjoy lunch dates on a regular basis, what a complete b-ll-nd!

it was a lol riot
eoin ‘the replacer’ o’sullivan
a replacer is a friend who can only have one best friend at a time. so one day, they’re best friends with one person. and if they see a new person walk by who seems nice they go meet them. just like that, the previous best friend gets replaced. or kicked to the curb, if you will.
“hey replacer.” said maya. “replacer? why are you calling me a replacer? i don’t replace people.” said raymond. “oh really? we were best friends until you met muziq. i got replaced. by you.”

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