to ‘rep’, represent, representing
i be repping my hood back in the 313.
repping is a colloquial verb used to sum up that someone or something is representing an area or something relavent to their lives.

can be abreviated to ‘rep’
‘i be repping ma city’- rick ross

‘i rep for the fam’
from the online game eve-online – a term used to describe repairing shield, armor or hull of a ship or structure achieved either by yourself or by another player doing it remotely.
“i’m outsdie the station repping my hull”

“i’ll start shield repping you as soon as i am close enough”
verb: the act of playing halo 2 online. derived from the word representing as in to represent ones skills or region.
“is anyone up for some repping?”
“are you guys repping the 189?”
“d-mn bern, that was some poor repping.”

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