pr-nounced: resh-a-pee……………’s how a toothless person says recipe………which are instructions on how to prepare something, such as food.
here girlshhh…….try my new reshapee for chocolate mug cake . i’m gonna go schmoke my shigarette now. -sigh-

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  • reverse Dutch oven

    when you are laying in bed and your significant other releases a gas from their -n-s trying to trap you under the covers, you (if you are stronger or sneaky) then reverse it so your partner is caught in the atmosphere of his/her own stink. scott tried to trap me in a dutch oven last […]

  • Reverse Happy Meal

    when you fart in your car with the windows rolled up before paying at a drive-thru window i farted while i was counting my money in line at a drive-thru window at mcdonald’s. i had to roll the window down to pay for my meal and bamm! reverse happy meal!

  • reverse hathaway effect

    when an average girl puts on gl-sses to make her look s-xy. that boring girl in your cl-ss used the reverse hathaway effect to proves shes actually hot.

  • riffo

    the word for weird argentines who have a creepy obsession with foreigners, specifically italians. look at that riffo, he´s surrounded by those hot foreigners.

  • Schavenfreude

    deriving pleasure from someone else’s terrible moustache/ facial hair. also knowing that you’re own moustache is far superior to theirs. did you hear? some chick dumped richard because she said she didn’t like his moustache. probably because he looks like a pedo with it. i have an enormous sense or schavenfreude right now.

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